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CE fertiliser. Liquid mixture of mineral micronutrients.


Potassium (K2O) 10 Kg/Hl
Boron (B) 1,3 Kg/Hl
Manganese (Mn) 1Kg/Hl
Copper (Cu) 0,6 Kg/Hl


Special liquid fertiliser that boosts flowering and fruit setting process. It improves the redistribution of nutrients to other parts of the plant where great metabolic activity and/or growth processes take place. Besides, it provides the plant with elements essential for pollen formation and improves the efficiency of other fertilisers. It contains vitamins and other biostimulants. It is suitable for confronting stressful situations when nutritional contents do not reach all the parts of the plant. It is used to improve the efficiency of other systemic or nutritional products.

Its combination with Plantfol produces an intense plant’s response and enhances the activation of plants metabolism. It is composed of those elements used in flowering, in fruit setting processes and in the first stages of fruits, which make it ideal to boost and improve harvests.

Keep out of the reach of children. Keep away from food, drinks and animal feedingstuffs.

Keep product between 0ºC and 40ºC. The usual preventive measures for the handling of products should be adopted. The product is not flammable.


Foliar Fertigation
Fruit tree 0,3-1% del agua a pulverizar 25 – 75 L/ha/year
Vegetables 0.5-1% of sprayed water 0.5 – 1 L/100 m²/month
Olive tree 0.5-1% of sprayed water 0.5 – 1.5 L/plant/year
Grapevine 0.3-1% of sprayed water 25 – 75 L/ha/year

Content: 10 L / State: liquid / Density: 1,28 Kg/L / PH: 4-5 / Conductivity: 1:1.000 (mS/cm) 20º C: 826