We manufacture high-quality plants in our olive, almond and pistachio tree plant nursery

Eurofarmer System

Our Eurofarmer System makes us an innovative company specialised in olive, pistachio and almond groves in any framework. We help you to improve your investment with a great decision-making process.

Thanks to our great experience in groves, we offer our clients the newest cultivation techniques and planting systems. Besides, we use the GPS steering system equipped with RTK positioning accuracy.

We are able to renew our clients’ traditional groves or to strengthen the existing ones. Thus, conversion of olive groves is easier and cheaper than ever.

We have great experience in cultivation systems and in several varieties of olive, pistachio and almond tree groves. For the purpose, we conduct previous examinations on groves in order to achieve the best possible results.

  • Climatology in the grove’s area: aspects such as temperature, earth rainfall climatology, prevailing wind speed and direction, risk of frost, humidity, lightness or chill hours are taken into account to find the most appropriate variety to be planted.
  • Soil’s properties: an essential aspect as physical and chemical properties of soils must be taken into account in order to choose the most appropriate variety and rootstock, if necessary.
  • Variety selection and planting distances: based on our experience and studies about our clients’ farming business, we are able to recommend the most appropriate varieties and planting distances. Besides, we use the best auxiliary materials, especially plant protectors and tutors.
  • Soil preparation and previous efforts: soil preparation is essential for the optimal development of groves. This process must be seen as the base of our oncoming grove. Ploughing in back shape, drainage or subsoiling are some of the activities that will be executed depending on the crop’s requirements. Not only solar orientation but the shape of plots and prevailing winds in the crop’s area must be taken into account.