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Organo-mineral NPK fertiliser with amino acids and calcium.


Phosphorus (P2O5): 13.8 % w/v
Potassium (K2O): 4.0 % w/v
Total Nitrogen (NT): 2.6 % w/v
Organic Nitrogen (NO): 1.7 % w/v
Total Amino Acids: 11.8 % w/v
Total Organic Material: 11.8 % w/v
Total Organic Carbon: 6.8 % w/v
Calcium (CaO): 18.0 % w/v


The fast assimilation of amino acids contributes to rapid results and to an improvement in growth and recovery of crops after defoliation or any kind of stress. The combination of its elements is suitable for the beginning of growing seasons in spring.

Thanks to its calcium content it increases the plant’s resistance to frosts and insect bites and contributes to the formation of thicker tissues.

Its phosphorus and potassium content improves fruit setting process and root development in plants.

Particularly suitable for energy-intensive stages.


Olive tree 0,25-1,5%
Citrus and fruit tree 0,25-1,0%
Vegetables 0,20-0,50%
Content: 10-20 L / Density: 1,3 Kg/L/ PH: 3-4 / Conductivity: (1:1.000)mS/cm2 20ºC