We manufacture high-quality plants in our olive, almond and pistachio tree plant nursery

Plant nursery

Nutrientes Foliares S.A. is recognised as a Multiplier Selection Plant Nursery, being registered with number ES-01-23-033.

Currently, we multiply and select a high number of olive, pistachio and almond tree varieties.

We also have large refugia for the localization of starting material from different olive tree varieties during the manufacturing process of certified plants. Besides, there is a wide area devoted to mother plant fields of different olive tree varieties.

All these facilities enable us to offer our clients high-quality plants and a wide range of olive tree varieties, packed in different formats and from different ages. In addition, they enable us to multiply the variety required by our client.

We are one of the few plant nurseries in the European Union with the multiplication license for the olive tree variety Sikitita.

The clone for the olive tree variety Royal de Cazorla can be found in our facilities. From the clone, which is recognised by the authorities, we get our original starting material to obtain certified plants.