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CE fertiliser. Copper fertiliser solution.


Copper (CU) 70 % w/v (47 % w/w)
Total Nitrogen (N) 6 % w/v (4 % w/w)


Folicupro is a liquid copper (Cu) fertiliser for foliar application present in several salts. It serves as copper resource for those crops where there is a high demand for this element.

Thanks to the different forms of copper and to organic acids, this fertiliser shows great mobility capacity through the plant, which contributes to its translocation to different the areas of tissues. It is recommended to contact our technical service if the fertiliser is going to be used in combination with other products. Apply using foliar spray, diluted in water and shake before use.

Keep out of the reach of children. Keep away from food, drinks and animal feedingstuffs.

Keep product between 0ºC and 40ºC. The usual preventive measures for the handling of products should be adopted. The product is not flammable.


Fruit tree 250 – 400 cc/hl
Vegetables 125 – 200 cc/hl.
Olive tree 250 – 400 cc/hl.
Citrus 125 – 400 cc/hl.
Content: 5 L / State: liquid / Density: 1,5 Kg/L / PH: 1-3 / Conductivity: 1:1.000 (mS/cm) 20º C: 732