More than 30 years working in foliar feeding



We have the technology required for the manufacturing of fertilisers for injection, fertigation and foliar feeding as well as liquid fertilisers.

Nufol’s machinery makes us one of the largest companies in Spain on the manufacturing of liquid foliar fertilisers and fertilisers for injection.

Our R&D department carries out a continuous research in order to include all the innovations developed in technologically-advanced sectors to agriculture.


Analytical control system plays a very important role in our work, not only in our products, but also in those groves we provide guidance to.

Between 7,000 and 10,000 analyses take place every year. Theses analysis are divided into three types:

1.- Foliar analysis: this analysis measures the amount of organic nitrogen and mineral salts through atomic absorption technique.

2.- Soil, water and other agricultural analysis.

3.- Raw materials: when raw materials arrive to Nufol, an analysis process takes place in the laboratory to check their composition and quality. Then, the fertiliser manufacture process begins.

4.- Fertilisers: when fertilisers are manufactured a sample is analysed before placing them on the market in order to hand over our products in perfect conditions to our clients.


Plant Nursery

Nutrientes Foliares S.A. is recognised as a Multiplier Selection Plant Nursery, being registered with number ES-01-23-033.

We are one of the few plant nurseries in the European Union with a multiplication license for the olive tree variety Sikitita.

The clone for the olive tree variety Royal de Cazorla can be found in our facilities. From the clone, which is recognised by the authorities, we get our original starting material to obtain certified plants.

We also have large refugia for the localization of starting material from different olive tree varieties during the manufacturing process of certified plants. Besides, a wide area in our plant nursery is devoted to mother plant fields of different olive tree varieties.

All these facilities enable us to offer our clients high-quality plants and a wide range of olive tree varieties, packed in different formats and from different ages. In addition, they enable us to multiply the variety required by our client.

Testing Centre

In our centre we conduct different types of tests for a wide range of crops, such as woody, herbaceous or hydroponic crops, among others.

Every time we get positive results from our tests we implement the findings in our clients’ crops. Moreover, we conduct tests not only in our testing centre but also in association with universities or organisations that devote themselves to agricultural improvement.