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We perform a plan multiplication process of olive, almond and pistachio tree in our certified plant nursery

We perform foliar analysis in our laboratories in order to ensure maximum effectiveness

Welcome to Nufol

With more than 30 years of experience in Spain and overseas, we devote ourselves to the manufacturing and selling of fertilisers. Besides, we provide guidance about several types of crops.

On our website you will find more about all the products and services offered to rural entrepreneurs in order to boost the efficiency of their crops.



We have been manufacturing fertilisers for fertigation and foliar feeding for more than 30 years.

We offer amino acid liquid foliar fertilisers, special fertilisers for fertigation, ecologic fertilisers…

Nufol Plan

Nufol Plan is our personalised method in charge of farming businesses management.

We perform free foliar analysis to customise a proper fertiliser plan for your crops.

Olive, Almond and Pistachio Tree Plant Nursery

In our olive, almond and pistachio tree plant nursery we perform a high-quality plan multiplication process.

Among other varieties, we multiply the olive tree varieties Sikitita, developed by Córdoba University (Spain), and Favolosa, the most resistant variety to olive tree diseases.

Other services by Nufol

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  • Manufacturing of fertilisers for companies that sell fertilisers.
  • Performance of agricultural analysis.
  • Wide range of phytosanitary products that prevent from diseases and pests in different groves.
  • Assistance for olive and nut groves.
  • Agricultural consultancy: comprehensive management of farming businesses.